“The 2016 Fonroque, part of the portfolio of Alain Moueix, put in a killer performance this year. It has a lighter bouquet compared to its peers with dusky black fruit, quite tertiary and introverted at first, although it does gain more expression and vigor with time in the glass. The palate is medium-bodied with supple tannin on the entry, very refined and poised without compensating in terms of fruit. I adore the finish here, really sleek and stylish with very fine mineralité and classicism. Bravo Alain Moueix!”

The Wine Advocate by Neal Martin

Permanence of a historic viticultural area

Fonroque estate spreads its 17,6 hectares few hundred metres north west of the village of Saint Emilion. It is divided between a plateau and a west-facing hillside. Château fonroque was the first ever Grand Cru Classé certified in biodynamics.

The Club

Join us today and enjoy a privileged experience.


Composed as one would paintings faithful to the landscapes they set out to reproduce, our wines are the result of work carried out with the fundamental idea of ​​their ultimate destination, people who will consume it. Our goal is energized by this perspective. It irrigates the care granted at each step. Phases of study, research and reflection, picking, vinification, blending, ageing, tasting, must respond to the essential project of promoting high euphoria.

Biodynamics by Alain Moueix

In 2002, the decision to go biodynamic was a break with the norm, an adventure, an intellectual endeavour. Today it is a serene obviousness backed up by study and intuition.

The Rendez Vous

From the wine lover to the professional, De l’amateur au professionnel, potential buyer of our wines or simply curious, everyone is invited here to discover what characterizes our practice.

Visit Château Fonroque

To visit a place is to make physical contact with a space, people , an environment  and thereby releasing a sensitive knowledge of his subject. At Château Fonroque we attach particular importance to the fact of receiving.

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