Château Fonroque is the old Saint-Emilion home of the Moueix family and has been owned by the Guillard family since 2017

The chateau was acquired by Adèle and Jean Moueix in 1931. Their great-grandson Alain Moueix inherited the estate from his father and ran it until 2001. He immediately began using (and gained certification for) an approach that places organic intelligence and observation at the heart of vineyard progress – biodynamics.

Alain Moueix is an agricultural engineer and oenologist. Fostering harmonious resonance across his generous twenty hectares of land remains a top priority for him. The huge attention he pays to soil sustainability and showcasing terroir continues to grow, fed by study of organic phenomena and their pragmatic applications. His aim is to reveal the wines’ radiance and balance using mindful methods. Eighteen years of work with Bordeaux trade and numerous years of enthusiastic and exploratory research have changed the estate and those who live there, with conversion to organic and then biodynamic cultivation. This patient, passionate adventure has resulted in the charming estate gaining the status of the first ever Grand Cru Classé to hold biodynamic certification. It makes a very fine Saint-Emilion wine with a growing international reach and reputation.

The challenges of evolving and adapting are now shaping the chateau’s life and future, with the arrival of the Guillard family, for whom biodynamics was a key selling point and the skills and support of Alain Moueix were vital.

Château Fonroque
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