Château Fonroque 2019


Château Fonroque 2019

Consultant Alain Moueix
Technical director Laurent Nougaro
Communication Judith Barat

Vintage weather conditions

Very favourable conditions for this vintage. After a cold January, temperatures in February and March were very mild, promoting early budding. Spring was cold and damp, except for during the second half of April and of June. These spring delays slowed the growth of the vines. From the first day of summer there was a radical change, with hot, dry weather very conducive to developing the grapes’ aromatic and phenolic potential. This was followed by two periods of searing heat in late June and late July and a period of rain in early August, when we
provided support with biodynamic preparations and infusions. This prevented excessive water stress from setting in. Early September remained summery. We chose to harvest our Merlot early to fit the particularly speedy pace of the ripening and retain the balance in keeping with the refinde style of our wines. The  result was a rich, harmonious wine with a silky texture. Its classicism makes this one of our best vintages.

Harvest area*

15,98 hectares

Harvest terroir*

Limestone plateau and limestone-clay hillside

Grapes harvested*

86 % Merlot – 14 % Cabernet Franc

Harvest dates

18 septembre au 30 septembre


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Cultivation methods

Estate certified organic since 2006 and biodynamic since 2008 – member of Biodyvin.


30% new barrels and 70% that have contained at least one previous wine


40 hectolitres / ha


50 000 bottles

* For this vintage

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