The vat room

We inaugurated our new vat room with the 2021 vintage, a vat room thought for biodynamic approach.

This new vat room is:

  • A geobiological study in order to position our tanks in favorable energy areas
  • A calculation of the proportions following the harmony of the golden ratio
  • A production of our cement tanks on flower and fruit days, using water informed by the wine of the château
  • A natural zenithal light for a physical contact with the cosmos
  • A thermoregulation of our tanks with no aerial circulation for a real quality of silence
  • A doubling of the number of our tanks, for the love of precision and soft extractions

The new tank room is also:

  • Noble materials slightly transformed, a symbolical colour of the land detachment, an overall verticality which accompanies the structure of our wines
  • That’s how we choose to follow our biodynamics grapes towards the magic of transmutation.
  • The new vat room of Fonroque is a whole poem which we love to share