Château Cartier 2017

Château Cartier 2017

Run by Alain Moueix
Technical Director Laurent Nougaro

Vintage weather conditions

The winter of 2016-2017 was very lacking in water, with rainfall 30% below usual levels. The first half of the season was cold, after which winter offered up some very mild temperatures. Budding was early and this mildness lasted through into early spring, which activated growth. On the nights of 28 and 28 April the temperature fell to -6°C in some areas, creating significant frost. After these nights, which caused issues for many of the region’s wine estates, warm and dry conditions set in until the end of the spring. This caused water stress in the vineyards. From 25 June onwards, significant rainfall marked a change in the weather. The summer was dry and rather cool. Veraison was early and rapid. Welcome rain in early September allows the skins to fully ripen.

Harvest area*

16,45 hectares

Harvest terroir*

clay-limestone soil on the slopes and clay-silt at the foot of the slopes

Grapes harvested*

100% Merlot

Harvest dates

18 to 23 September

Cultivation methods

Estate certified organic since 2006 and biodynamic since 2008 – member of Biodyvin.


75% barrels and 25% in vats


35 hectolitres / ha


22.668 bottles

* For this Vintage.

Tasting notes

The nose combines exotic and fresh fruit aromas (strawberry, grenadine, melon).
Spice aromas emerge when swirled. Showing enormous promise. The wine is on the rise, beautifully lingering and taut on the palate. Its freshness is reinforced by mint and thyme notes. This is still a youthful wine, but the tannins are polished and help bring a pleasing harmony to the whole.

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